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Electronet specializes in Unified Communications - Headsets, Ip Phones, conferencing solutions, for call centers and the modern office.

Additionally, we offer phones for the hotel industry. We provide our technical expertise to help you choose the products that best fit your needs.

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To be a company that can provide tangible improvements to our clients productivity and business efficiency through the products we sell. Our products are built exclusively with cutting edge technology, guaranteeing a positive and satisfactory experience for our clients.


We strive to become the leading company in the headset space for call centers and modern office.

Ethical Code of Conduct

Our ethical code of conduct is a reflection of our corporate values, which defines who we are and were we are going.

At Electronet we celebrate our differences and promote inclusiveness so that our team can reach their maximum potential.

To learn more about our commitment to ethics please download this file.

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Environmental Awareness

At electronet we care about the environment

Our commitment to the environment is based on devising strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, We believe in taking our share of responsibility and doing our part to contribute to a clean planet.

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